Book: Reclaiming Jacksonville

Book: reclaiming jacksonville


  • Reclaiming Jacksonville


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The City of Jacksonville has hundreds of buildings that have withstood the test of time. Yet, these lasting landmarks tell only a portion of Jacksonville’s history. Dozens of other buildings have been abandoned and left to wither, turning into shadows of their former grandeur.

Each place has a rich and storied history that belies modern appearances, like the Annie Lytle Elementary School, now known as the most haunted landmark in the city, and the Jacksonville Brewing Company, which had to come up with a creative way to stay afloat (think ice cream) when Prohibition hit.

Join Metro Jacksonville writers Ennis Davis and Robert Mann as they go behind the scenes of 14 crumbling but ethereally beautiful structures to reveal their true pasts. Enhanced with stunning color photography, "Reclaiming Jacksonville" is a must-have for every resident of the River City.

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